United Nations Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR) Scholarship, May 2016. This was awarded to conduct course entitled ‘Environmental Protection and Human Rights for Sustainable Development’ taught by UNITAR, the United Nations Sustainable Development Program, the United Nations Environment Programs and the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights.

Nominated for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Future Leaders Program.

Ericsson Innovation Awards, Ericsson Headquarters, Stockholm, May 2016. Finalist for project entitled 'Airscapes - Real-time Data Processing & Visualization Software for Air Quality Sensors'. Awarded 2nd out of 843 global entries. I initiated the development of this system and I was project lead.

First Prize at the United Nations Environment Program Eye On Earth Summit - Data Innovation Challenge, Oct 2015, Abu Dhabi. Entry was entitled 'Airscapes Singapore'.

Fulbright Scholarship, 2013-2014. Awarded the Fulbright - Environmental Protection Agency Award for Climate Change & Sustainable Development.

Scholarship to conduct my Ph.D. at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. This was awarded by the Program for Research in Third Level Institutions in Ireland.

Awarded the title of 'College Scholar' at University College Cork, Ireland for every year of undergraduate study, based on end-of year examinations.

Entrance Exhibitionist awarded by Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Marie Curie Award to conduct a Ph.D. in Europe. (Received subsequent offer from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, however).

Selected as one of '100 Global Scholars' out of circa 10,000 applicants to attend the 2014 Dublin Web Summit which is Europe's largest technology conference.

Scholarship to attend the Irish Centre for Talented Youth, Dublin City University in 2000 on the basis of a university level Standard Aptitude Test.